Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sketch Excersise- In Class Scavenger Hunt

For our first sketching assignment, we got in groups of two and went exploring for interior spaces that had characteristics following John Flynn's Psychological Aspects of Lighting. The two spaces me and my partner further explored were the hallway beside the Cone ballroom in the EUC and the gallery in the EUC. One space was more private and was a place for students and artist to present work while the other space was a place for circulation. We explored how these two spaces differ in lighting based off of their intended use.

Location: 117 Art Gallery in EUC

A hazy, small but open space providing a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. It contained peripheral lighting which was uniform and dim. Lights focused on the walls containing artwork, but could be shifted to put emphasis on a sculptural piece as well. The space was inviting and was a peaceful getaway from the normal school setting.

Location: Hallway beside Cone Ballroom in EUC

An unfocused, large and open space providing a tense and unpleasant environment. It contained overhead, uniform, bright lighting that made the space contain a bright industrial lighting. However, additional lighting from East windows radiated on floor putting focus on the perimeter and wall. It helped to add some warmth to the space. The lighting made you focus on the long narrow path as a means of continual circulation.

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