Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sketch Series 4

Taking a closer look at the types of lighting distribution in interior spaces.

Direct Downlighting

Semi-Direct and Wall-Washing

Indirect/Uplight and Semi-Direct

Wall Grazing

Slot Lighting

Accent Lighting

Cove Lighting

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sketch Series 1

Light Study of a particular space in interior throughout the course of a few weeks. We also looked at how light changes in the space throughout one day. Here is what I found out...

August 30th 11am

September 6 11am
September 14 11am
September 27 11:02 am
October 5 11am

Below is a look at light throughout the course of one day...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Light Model Project- Additive Color Illusion

To design a lighting experience in an interior space of 12'x12'x12' in volume. Work in a 1'=1" scale to build with focus on lighting inside the model. It should allow one to observe/inspect/ examine and photograph the lighting effects. Also provide an 11x17 poster explaining the light model.

Amber Wineman and I designed a light box that represents the refection of light off of a reflected material (mirrors). We also explored with colored sheets of film and how that would manipulate the color on the light bulb and space inside the box. We discovered that by placing the colored film solely on the view port made the biggest effect. When we placed the color film inside the box over the mirrors it would make the interior a dull color. This interior space could be seen as a night club, or at an illusion space at a fair or Halloween event.

Outside of box:
Inside of box:

Looking through Red Film:
Looking through Green Film:
Looking through Blue Film:
Looking through as a whole:

11x17 poster presented at presentation:

11x17 poster Revised:

Scavenger Hunt: Illuminance, Reflectance, Transmittance

Illuminance (in fc)

0-10 fc: Computer Lab Window Panel
10-20 fc: Water Fountain N. Studio
20-30 fc: Desk in N. Studio
30-40 fc: Top of Library Bookshelf

40-50 fc: Window Desk in W. Studio
50-60 fc: Material Bookshelf
60-100 fc: Window Desk E. Studio
>100 fc: Under Desk Lamp


0-20%: Wall Acoustic Panels
20-40%: Top of Microwave - with paper
40-60%: Tube Sprinkler in Stairwell
60-80%: Duct work above lights

80-100%: Lamp in Window Seal
0-20%: Newspaper
20-40%: Piece of Paper
40-60%:  White T-shirt

60-80%: Trash Paper

80-100%: Plastic Wrap

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sketch Series 2

Sketch Series 2- A restaurant, a gallery, a retail space

Weatherspoon Art Museum Gallery

Bonsai Japanese Restaurant

Charming Charlie's