Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Past Experiences with Light

Over the course of my lifetime I have had many unique experiences with light. Some have come through exploration of my childhood while others have come through my education experience in school. Below are some of the lighting experiences I have had over my lifetime thus far.

School Light experiences:

1st year light box- Making slits in a box while using a light source of choice to see how light affects a space.

Light Study Project (light cycles from sun):

How light changes based on the movement of the sun and the times of day. These pictures are in order. First two pictures were taken afternoon and the rest the following day starting with early morning. As one can see not only does the intensity change but so does the colors of the space. (Blue, Yellows, Oranges) This study was taken at my neighbors driveway in Statesville, NC. 

Experiences with light:

Light shimmering through trees and light making water look solid

Light making water look solid... One night I went to the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh. As I was walking around the building a came across a really shiny floor between two walls of the building. It looked like a shiny concrete floor. As I was just about to walk on it a friend tells me it is water. Still in disbelief I placed my hand on it to discover in fact it really was. The way the lighting was around the water and on it, it make the water look solid. Very cool discovery!

Light changing based on location and nature. Sunrises in different places.

sunrise on beach

sunset on beach

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