Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scavenger Hunt: Illuminance, Reflectance, Transmittance

Illuminance (in fc)

0-10 fc: Computer Lab Window Panel
10-20 fc: Water Fountain N. Studio
20-30 fc: Desk in N. Studio
30-40 fc: Top of Library Bookshelf

40-50 fc: Window Desk in W. Studio
50-60 fc: Material Bookshelf
60-100 fc: Window Desk E. Studio
>100 fc: Under Desk Lamp


0-20%: Wall Acoustic Panels
20-40%: Top of Microwave - with paper
40-60%: Tube Sprinkler in Stairwell
60-80%: Duct work above lights

80-100%: Lamp in Window Seal
0-20%: Newspaper
20-40%: Piece of Paper
40-60%:  White T-shirt

60-80%: Trash Paper

80-100%: Plastic Wrap

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  1. It would be helpful to have these images in a matrix format.